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Communiqué #09 – Secretary-Treasurer

Apr 17, 2024 | By Position, By Year, Communiques, In the News, Media, News Releases, Secretary-Treasurer, Secretary-Treasurer

Dorothy Johansen, National Secretary-TreasurerApril 19, 2024

FOR: Provincial Presidents and Secretaries


Dear sisters in the League, 

At its last meeting, the national executive agreed to implement an improved communication structure regarding national communications. 

Communiqués will be sent together in one email on Wednesdays and posted to the national website. Most communiqués will be sent only to the provincial level, with urgent nationwide matters sent to all levels as an exception

From national level to any level: Secretaries should forward the communications to the person identified in the communiqué without filtering. As an example, if the communiqué’s header states: 

FOR: Provincial Past Presidents 

THROUGH: Provincial Presidents and Secretaries 

Then, the secretary should forward the communiqué directly to the provincial past president. Otherwise, that person will not be aware of the communication. 

For a communiqué marked urgent and addressed to all levels, if the header states: 

FOR: Chairpersons of Faith at All Levels  

THROUGH: Presidents and Secretaries at All Levels 

Then, the secretary at each level should forward the communiqué directly to the chairperson(s) identified. That is, the provincial secretary should forward it to the provincial chairperson(s), the diocesan secretary to the diocesan chairperson(s), and the parish secretary to the parish chairperson(s). Otherwise, those individuals will not be aware of the communiqué. 

Each executive member needs to determine how they want to communicate with the levels or members under their responsibility. Do they want to consolidate information, add extra notes pertinent to the information or communicate in a manner that they have determined works in their area? 

New resources listed under the Resources menu on the national website identify many possible methods of communication. Look for the Members Communication Guide (645), which also points to other resources, such as a newsletter template (145a) and its editing instructions (145b). 

Your sister in the League, 

Dorothy Johansen 

National Secretary-Treasurer