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Marketing Resources

Spread the Word(s)!

The League means many things to many people. It’s what ties members together from coast to coast. Post this map on social media and share what you find most fulfilling about being a member or tag a friend who you think would want to join. Download and print a poster or postcard to inspire others!

Poster 17 x 11”

Poster 11 x 8.5”

Social Posts


Share the Words!

The 52 words listed in this resource can be used as themes for meetings, listed as weekly ‘did you know’ items for parish bulletins, and included in council newsletters. They can also be used for posts on social media by using the hashtag #WhatsYourCWL. The ideas are limitless. Encourage your council to check out this resource. It is a very useful tool to assist members in using the words to share the many benefits of belonging to the League.

52 Reasons to Talk About the CWL!

Share the Message with Your Parish – Print this Poster!

Tell your sisters how they can participate! Print this poster and put it up on your parish bulletin board! We all have inspirational stories to share, and by using the hashtag #WhatsYourCWL we can bring our stories together.