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Communiqué #06 – Secretary-Treasurer

Jan 31, 2024 | By Position, By Year, Communiques, In the News, Media, News Releases, Secretary-Treasurer, Secretary-Treasurer

Dorothy Johansen, National Secretary-Treasurer, January 31, 2024

FOR: Secretaries and Treasurers at All Levels


Dear Sisters in the League, 

I am pleased to inform you that the national website continues to be updated with new items and features that may assist you in finding the information that you require. 

There have been three significant changes that I would like to draw your attention to that may be of the most benefit: 

CONTACT US: When members click on the Contact Us tab, they will see that a contact email address for provincial and diocesan councils has been added. 

It is important to ensure all contact email addresses are available so that members can easily contact their diocesan council when they have a League-related question, as this is the level that is the best resource for what is happening in each parish or diocesan council. Provincial and diocesan chairpersons, if you have a generic email that is not yet included, please email so that it can be posted. 

RESOURCES-MANUALS: The Keyword Catalogue (#648) is a comprehensive list of keywords used in the League. Members can type a word from the catalogue into the search bar to find all items that include that word. It also gives additional information to find items related to your parish, diocese or province. 

SITEMAP: In the bottom right-hand corner of the website is a small box labelled SITEMAP. Clicking on this box will give viewers a list of every document available under a major heading to see what is on the website at a glance. Happy scrolling! 

Your sister in the League, 

Dorothy Johansen 

National Secretary-Treasurer