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Communiqué #04 – Past Presidents

Nov 23, 2023 | By Position, By Year, Communiques, In the News, Media, News Releases, Past President, Past President

Fran Lucas, National Past President, November 22, 2023

FOR: Past Presidents at All Levels


With 2023 drawing to a close, a couple of items need to be addressed and are detailed in the National Manual of Policy and Procedure (P&P).

  • Send proposed revisions (form 551) to the P&Pto national office by December 1st. All past presidents are encouraged to monitor/review the P&P andinvite members to do the same.
  • Council manuals of policy and procedure should be reviewed biannually. With the approvals that are required, starting now would allow for plenty of time to accomplish.

Past presidents at all levels are encouraged to write a two or three-page summary of highlights of their term as president. Take your time with this activity as you review past notes, meetings and photographs recounting the wonderful memories of your meetings, travels and special times with members. Submit photographs, clippings, etc., to augment those events. Past presidents at all levels may find it beneficial to follow up to ensure these summaries are received.

I strongly urge you to help with the recruiting in your council to ensure available members and an effective executive will be part of your council moving forward. In conversation with a member, it was mentioned that only two positions, those of standing committee chairpersons, were filled of the seven positions on the executive. We must seek out those in the parish who have yet to be invited to join the League. 

The Living with Christ preamble to the November 19th mass noted that the “readings might be summarized in one word: responsibility.” It continued, “What remains constant is the expectation that we will use our time wisely, put our talents to good use and serve the needs of others.”

Your sister in the League,

Fran Lucas

National Past President