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Communiqué #02 – National Vice President

Oct 5, 2023 | By Position, By Year, Communiques, In the News, Media, National Vice President, National Vice President, News Releases

Betty Colaneri, National Vice-PresidentOctober 4th, 2023

FOR: Vice-Presidents at All Levels (new structure) and Chairpersons of Organization at All Levels (old structure)


184a Mentor Skills Bank

184b Mentor Skills Bank

“He who walks with the wise, grows wise.” (Proverbs 13:20).

Sisters in the League,

The mentor members working group was formed with the purpose of completing two strategies:

1. Capitalize on the expertise of others, including engaging life members as mentors.

2. Focus on intergenerational skills mentorship.

The working group created a survey open to all members—including life members and national, provincial and diocesan executive members. The results of a survey were collated, and 129 members from across Canada answered the call to share their expertise. From the 129 members:

· 41 indicated that they were life members

· 51 indicated they have served on their provincial executive

· 15 indicated they have served on national executive

· nine indicated they have served on a national subcommittee.

From that information, the working group created a Mentor Skills Bank. This will allow councils to draw on the expertise of members in their diocese, province and across the country.

There are many choices or areas where members will be able to request assistance. Perhaps it is with creating a policy and procedure manual, running the diocesan election process or a prayer service, to name a few. When searching the document, members will be able to pick someone close to them or someone farther away. Only when an inquiry is made will the mentor be given the contact details. If the mentor wishes to offer her service, she will contact the inquirer directly. The member can then decide which method to reach her by email, calling her home telephone or cellular number. The chosen mentor will then be willing to share her knowledge online, by email, telephone or perhaps in person if she is close by.

The skills bank is enclosed with this mailing and will be posted on the national website (without contact information) that provides the areas of expertise that are available. Provincial and diocesan vice-presidents/chairpersons of organization are asked to widely promote the availability of the skills bank to assist councils in their work and explain to councils the process for receiving assistance. As national vice-president, I will assume oversight of the skills bank and will provide an evaluation of the project in August 2024.

The working group is very excited to have created this resource for use by all members!

The League is grateful to the working group and the implementation committee for yet another wonderful resource that members can utilize. There are so many talented members across Canada who have amazing gifts to share that members will be grateful to tap into. This will make finding them so much easier!

Your sister in the League,

Betty Colaneri

National Vice-President