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Tuesday, August 16th Business Sessions

Aug 24, 2022 | Spotlight

The Tuesday, August 16th business session began with the “The Art of Accompaniment” presentation by Honorary Life Member Barb Dowding. It was very inspiring and gave ideas as to how members could accompany one another. Numerous Honorary Life Members shared stories on how the gift of service had impacted their lives. This talk was taped and will be posted to the national website in the near future.

Both the Spiritual Advisor and Life Member lunches were held. Sister Nancy Hurren, guest speaker at the Life Members’ lunch, also spoke on the theme of accompaniment during her talk.

“Joyful Momentum” and “You are the Now of God” author Elizabeth Tomlin delivered a powerful presentation on accompaniment and the gift of women’s group ministry. You may find more of her work on her website at

The day ended with a very moving memorial service for deceased members.  In honour of the gift of their service, each Provincial President placed a red rose and candle at the foot of our Blessed Mother.  All Spiritual Advisors who have passed on were honoured with a white rose placed by National President and Chairperson of International Relations Fran Lucas.

Life Members Lunch:

Presenter at Life Member Lunch Sister Nancy Hurren:

Barb Dowding Morning Presentation:

Clergy in attendance:

Elizabeth Tomlin Afternoon Guest Speaker:

Fran Lucas giving a white rose in honour for Spiritual Advisors who have passed:

Ceremony Honouring the Deceased:

Submitted by Sharon Ciebin; Photos by Bil Gowans.