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St. Henry’s Parish Council (Melville)

Jan 30, 2024 | Indigenous Resources, Spotlight

St. Henry’s Parish Council (Melville, SK) had the pleasure of having their member, Bernice Lerat (nee Stonechild) speak to them at the January Regular Meeting.

Bernice is a residential school survivor where she was forced to attend for 12 years. Bernice shared it was a traumatic time in her life being lonesome and sad, missing her parents.

She says there was a shortage of teachers (supervisors) to care for all the children and minimal medical supplies were provided.

Bernice talked about the steps that have been taken thus far to bring Indigenous concerns to the Government’s attention and the progress that has been made to what is still an ongoing concern.

Her story and experience was a very enlightening speech to those present.

Submitted by Melville President Florence Parlee