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Sacred Heart Parish Council (Paris)

Nov 21, 2023 | Spotlight, Uncategorized

On November 4th, the Sacred Heart Parish Council (Paris, ON) hosted a Women’s Retreat led by Dr. Josephine Lombardi.

The presentation consisted of two parts:

1. What does it mean to be created in God’s image?

2. Becoming Experts in Humanity.

Pope Saint John Paul II called for ‘’heralds of the Gospel who are experts in humanity, who know the depths of depths of the human heart.’’ Using research from her award-winning book, Experts in Humanity, A Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing, Dr. Lombardi explored some of the factors that influence human behaviour, showing how our cooperation with God’s grace can lead to authentic freedom.

The retreat was thoroughly enjoyed by the participants, and several of them want to follow-up by taking Dr. Lombardi’s course which gives them access to 12 videos. Everyone received a copy of her book. The retreat ended with a light lunch and engaging conversation.

Submitted by: Valerie Ruiss

Valerie and Dr. Josie
Teenie and Donna, the kitchen experts!