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  • Andrea MacFarlane-Grieve

    HI there. I just noticed that the Treasurer Annual Report still contains a line for Matercare, however, the Voluntary Remittance Form does not. I suspect the annual report form needs to be updated. 🙂

  • Zabeyon Callender


    I need to voice my frustration. My daughter competed against two other girls today for the Public Speaking Contest and was very disappointed as well as the other members at the results of this. It seems that one judge who works at the same school as the contestant who came first awarded first place to her school candidate. This judge came over to her contestant and wished her good luck and ignored my daughter who was talking to the other contestant. This contestant did well, but she had cue cards, fumbled a few times during her speech and was not as loud and clear was the others. The third place winner did not fumble or had cue cards. She was clear, loud and confident. A choice by all the members, yet she was awarded third. She feel she was robbed and discouraged. I am going to dispute this all the way, as even the second place winner said my daughter did not deserve third place.