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President’s Outings – October 2022

Nov 10, 2022 | In the News, Media, News Releases, Uncategorized

October was balmy in Alberta and allowed for many more outdoor activities to be enjoyed. Catholic Women’s League members Marlene, Melanie, and I went on a tour of four country cemeteries that had special meaning to us. Does that sound weird? It was just the opposite for us. To see the simple or elaborate headstones beautifully engraved remembering the one now gone and to pray in the warmth of the sun was a blessing. The well-maintained small churches standing tall in the community – a beacon of love and hope – was comforting.

Edmonton Archbishop Richard Smith held a thanksgiving mass for the visit by Pope Francis to our area. It was one more time to recall the visit, the impact of that visit and the hope and prayers for positive actions moving forward were acknowledged.

Celebrations are the best! It was my privilege to attend the 40th anniversary of Good Shepherd Council in Edmonton. The icing on the cake was hearing that they have had a Catholic Girl’s League (CGL) for 10 years and to meet many of the current CGL members that evening.

Attending the opening celebration of Joan Carr Elementary/Junior High School (Edmonton) with CWL and Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League members held special meaning for us. Joan was the Superintendent of Catholic Schools, an amazing friend, a CWL member in my council, St. Joseph’s Basilica, and a huge supporter of anything CWL.

October culminated with the national board meeting in Winnipeg. Various timely training sessions and taking care of the business agenda were embraced by the fact that we were able to be together. A noon bus trip to the national office for a pizza lunch was a great opportunity for the board and staff to meet and dialogue.

I hope your October was filled with CWL activities and experiences that continue to enrich your time as a valued member.

Fran Lucas
National President