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President’s Outings – February 2022

Feb 9, 2022 | In the News, Media, News Releases

President’s Outings!

How many outings should one have when the temperature in Edmonton, Alberta breaks a 50-year record of having temperatures below -20ºC for 13 out of 15 days? The number for me was zero! However, when it did warm up, and no League events were available, I ventured out to meet with a friend and member to pick up the results of a task she had generously agreed to help with. Mary and I met for coffee and nachos, and we recruited the server as a new member of her council.

My second outing was a non-League event. The weather warmed up to 5ºC, and the Deep Freeze: A Byzantine Winter Fête at Borden Park was in its last days. Strolling the sand-covered snowy paths enjoying the presence of young children rolling in the snow, and participating in box races made way for smiles and laughter everywhere. There were sculptures created by various artists—mastodons, elephants, lanterns, hearts, deer and many other pieces—some leaving me to decide what they could be. There were musical celebrations and cultural stories. A relaxing and pleasant time in the fresh air with people, mostly all masked, enjoying the gifts of other talents in my community was just what I needed.

Now I wait to see what the next month brings in the way of outings!

Stay well everyone!

Fran Lucas
National President and Chairperson of International Relations