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President’s Outings – August 2022

Sep 6, 2022 | In the News, Media, News Releases, Uncategorized

Presidents’ Outings for August 2022

Fran Lucas, National President

We certainly did rejoice in the vineyard of the Lord!

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone that my August highlight outing was our National Convention in Kelowna, BC August 14th to 17th. Several of us arrived on the 13th for various advance committee meetings which afforded a few additional hours to enjoy the beautiful location and weather.

The convention itself was like a long overdue family reunion – smiles, hugs, laughing, talking over each other and sharing of happenings since we were last together. I encourage you to visit the Spotlight page on the national website here to get a glimpse of the sheer happiness! If you want to have a look at who was at the convention, what events were held and how joyous the entire event was, you may order a full set of 900 photos by emailing to place your order. All that for only $10!

It was wonderful to have Marusia Kobrynsky, WUCWO representative and Barbara Hlus, UCWLC national president with us. The Ribbons for Ukraine project was a huge success and every one of the 1100 ribbons were taken and worn by delegates and others taken home to share.

The national executive were hosted by Bishop Gregory Bittman, Nelson diocese, to a five star dinner; some delegates enjoyed a wine tour and others took in the river cruise and all of us enjoyed the Filipino version of biscotti called biscocho.

The convention planning committee chairs Nancy Simms and Debbie Cloutier and their team raised the bar once again by delivering an experience we will remember fondly for years to come.

Have a great summer everyone.

Fran Lucas pinning a ribbon on UCWLC National President Barbara Hlus

Fran and Debbie Cloutier, co-chair of convention planning

Fran Lucas with President of Development and Peace Brenda Arakaza