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President’s Outings – April 2023

May 4, 2023 | In the News, Media, News Releases

President’s Outings – April 2023

Convention season has taken flight and that means I am in the air as well!

My first convention flight was to Kamloops Diocesan, then to London Diocesan, and then to Fredericton for the New Brunswick Provincial Convention.  Each was different and therefore an opportunity to really get the full impact of what is happening in various sized locations! For most, the attendance was larger than anticipated. And for all the local tours afforded me by a gracious officer at these locations added to the understanding of the beauty and amazing history of our country. For example, who knows where Partridge Island is and what happened on it? You learn these wonderful things when you share a room with a President and she points something out to you on the horizon from our hotel room harbour view.

Part of the travel mix was attending the beautiful 100th Anniversary of St. Peter’s Parish Council in New Westminster. Going for an early morning coffee at the café across from the hotel was one of those experiences that I classify as “one for the books!” I will share that story with you another time.

Enjoy May and the sun and blooms and blossoms that are happening around us!



National Life Member Liaison Doreen Gowans, National President Fran Lucas and Kamloops Diocesan First Vice-President Terry Mae Sinclair at Kamloops Diocesan ConventionWatering the tree on Earth Day at Kamloops convention

London Diocesan President Theresa Ryan and Speaker Kathy Matusiak

Jackie Detailleur – Catholic Girl’s League lead, part of London Diocese

Co-Presidents of the St. Peter’s Parish Council Patricia Hunt and Eufemia Muralla, National President and Chairperson of International Relations Fran Lucas, BC & Yukon Provincial President Sharon Geiger and Vancouver Diocesan President Sherray Duran at Saint Peter Parish Council’s (New Westminster) 100th anniversary

Saint Peter Parish Council’s anniversary coordinator Teresa Rehman