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Spotlight Council Submissions

Apr 10, 2019 | In the News, Media, News Releases, Spotlight



Spotlight, a designated page on, is a member‐driven creative outlet that serves the purpose of spreading the good news of parish council events. It provides frequent coverage of council events and remains a work in progress, constantly dependent on input from members.

On the Spot Guidelines:

 Submissions that meet the following criteria will be posted to the website:

  1. Each submission shall be typed and not exceed one paragraph.
  2. Each submission shall be limited to one topic.
  3. Councils may send more than one submission.
  4. Items must be about CWL events. How was the CWL involved?
  5. Council title and location must be mentioned.
  6. Items should be new or innovative and able to be replicated by councils.
  7. There will be limited focus on council anniversaries, service pins, members’ years of service and members’ birthdays. They may be listed. Details will be included only if there is significant importance to the event.
  8. In order to ensure the highest quality photographic reproductions in all communications, it is important to supply well lit, blur free, high resolution photographs (ideally 300 dpi). Whenever possible please submit the original photograph (either electronically or by mail).
  9. All persons in photographs must be identified, unless it is a crowd scene.
  10. Photographs should be cropped to eliminate distracting details and provide better balance.
  11. Newspaper articles 1 will be eliminated unless they are clearly readable and authorization to reprint has been received.
  12. Personal comments shall be excluded or edited out.
  13. The executive director in consultation with the communications chairperson may decide not to publish a submission.

Please e-mail your submission with good-quality photos to