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Newly Revised Constitution & Bylaws, Manual of Policy and Procedure and complementary handbooks, guidelines and toolkits

Dec 8, 2022 | In the News, Media, News Releases

Memo To: Presidents and Secretaries at all Levels
From: National President Fran Lucas, National President-Elect Shari Guinta and National Past President Anne Gorman

Today we are pleased to announce the publication of the newly adopted Constitution & BylawsNational Manual of Policy and Procedure and other complementary guidelines, handbooks and toolkits to assist councils at all levels with the transition from the previous executive structure to the new structure which comes into effect at every council’s next election.

Beginning with the adoption of the strategic plan in 2018, followed by research and study by the reorganization working group, and after circulation and adoption of bylaws amendments at the August 2022 annual national convention, the board and working groups have been hard at work developing tools to help councils transition their executives to the new structure.

The following are now available:

– Constitution and Bylaws (2022)

– National Manual of Policy and Procedure (2022)

– Guide to Simplifying Meetings (2022)

– Spiritual Advisors Handbook (2022)

– Vice Presidents Handook (2022)

– Handbook for Secretaries (2022)

– Guidelines for Treasurers (2022)

– Past Presidents Handbook (2022)

– Handbook for Chairpersons (2022)

– Toolkit for Faith (2022)

– Ceremonies Handbook (2022)

– Toolkit for Service (2022)

– Toolkit for Social Justice (2022)

– Resolutions Handbook (2022)

Let us move forward together into 2023 in the new League structure!

Please download your copy today!

The Presidents Three