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Jan 2, 2020 | In the News, Media, News Releases

WINNIPEG, January 2, 2020 – National office is pleased to welcome Deborah Woodbeck ( to the staff of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada. Deborah joins Executive Director Kim Scammell (, Senior Accounting Clerk Valroy Anderson (, Executive Secretary Amanda McCormick (, Membership Coordinator Katherine Choi (, and Project Coordinator Kerri Sylvester ( Deborah takes on the role of office clerk.

Deborah Woodbeck moved to Winnipeg in 2001 from Chatham, Ontario, where she was a member of St. Agnes Parish. Coming from the small community of 48,000 people to Winnipeg was an exciting time for her as she learned to drive on ice-packed streets, got used to the winter months and extreme temperatures, and the mosquitoes during the summer. The positive attitudes and wonderful neighbours and friends made her move all worthwhile

Deborah is delighted to join the League staff in her position as office clerk and looks forward to working as a member of a successful team. Previously employed as manager of membership service at the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, Deborah has a strong background in membership and customer service.

A member of Mary, Mother of the Church Parish, Deborah serves as a Eucharistic minister and as a member of the parish council. She taught catechism to kindergarten and Grade 1 students for many years and believes staying involved with the church is important. Along with a co-chairperson, she is in charge of a small group ministry devoted to growing in faith by developing a better understanding of Sunday Gospels.

Deborah is married and has a blended family with three children and 11 grandchildren. Along with her husband, she has been involved in the Manitoba Paddling Association for many years and competed in events in Canada, the United States and Europe as members of Team Canada. She is an avid reader and currently belongs to a women’s book club. Her other interests include photography and travel.

Deborah looks forward to getting to know members in her new role. She strives to do her best to answer questions and resolve concerns and asks for patience when reaching out to her as she begins this new experience.


National office of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, serves more than 75,000 members across Canada. Under the direction of the administrative committee, national office assists national executive members, and particularly, administrative committee members in fulfilling their responsibilities.

Office responsibilities can be broadly categorized as member services and executive services. Member services include the processing of membership information, per capita fees, national inventory supplies orders, and council queries and changes. Members may seek out advice from national office on available resources and answers to commonly asked questions.

Executive services include the planning and coordinating of national projects; preparing agendas, distributing information, arranging meetings and conventions, and recording minutes; drafting, editing and distributing correspondence, memos, communiques and magazines; assisting standing and ad hoc committees with secretarial support; maintaining social media; and providing financial accounting services.