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Implementation Committee Update – September 2022

Sep 2, 2022 | In the News, Media, News Releases


Implementation Committee Update – September 2022

Mentorship: Lending a Helping Hand

Jacqueline Nogier, Goal 3 Lead

“The CWL is a sisterhood.” How often have members heard that or said that exact phrase? Prayer is the soul of the League, but the sisterhood is the heart. A sisterhood allows members to share their hopes and dreams. A sisterhood enables members to share their worries and fears. Having someone like yourself to share your life with keeps one’s heart full. So who do members reach out to when they need help? Their sisters.

The mentorship working group has started its work. The group is learning about mentors and mentorship. It addition, it wants to create a list of people willing to serve as mentors and is looking for members willing to share what they know. Do you have knowledge to share? It might be how to run a meeting or create a prayer shawl. It might be how to write a resolution or start a prayer group. Whatever your skill or knowledge—are you willing to share it with your sisters?

The working group will be creating two surveys. The first survey is for life members and regional, diocesan provincial and national executive members. The second survey is for parish councils for discussion at a parish council meeting.

Please look for these surveys—fill them out and return them when you receive them. Help the working group create a skills bank so it can share what members know with others and create a stronger sisterhood.