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Implementation Committee Update – October 2023

Oct 4, 2023 | In the News, Media, News Releases


Implementation Committee Update – October 2023 

Christa Grillmair, Goal 1 Lead 

How many times have members heard that actions speak louder than words? For the past five years, the various Goal 1 working groups have created resources to help train, communicate with, lead and inspire members. 

The training and development using technology working group has developed a leadership training workshop. The effective communications working group has created a guide that provides tips for written and verbal communication and listening skills. There are videos to showcase the national sisterhood and talking points to start the conversation about the League. 

All of the above resources are posted on the national website. However, they are only words—nice words, but nevertheless words. They mean little and cannot affect change in the League unless members act on them. 

Visit the national website and help bring these words to life!