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Implementation Committee Update – November 2019

Nov 4, 2019 | In the News, Media, News Releases

Who doesn’t like a trip to new places? The research, the preparation, and finally packing a bag. Lots of times the upcoming trip is anxiously awaited. We are like children waiting for Christmas morning (I have to admit—convention is like that for me!) Sometimes however, we are anxious and worry about how things will turn out. Did we do enough research? Do we have a safe place to sleep at night? Did we pack the right things?

The implementation of the strategic plan is a little like a trip. We have researched and prepared, and we are now packing our bags—anxiously waiting for the changes that will keep the League exciting and relevant for the next 100 years. We are on a trip—this one will take four more years to come to fruition.

Through outreach and service
members of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada
foster a culture where all life is valued with dignity and respect.

What is your elevator speech when someone asks about the League? What two or three things make the League unique compared to all of the women’s service organizations that exist in Canada? When people ask me I answer with two main things—spirituality and service in Canadian society.

Goal 3 is centred on “outreach and service” where “all life is valued with dignity and respect.” Four working groups will be created in the spring of 2020. The groups will be tasked with addressing the following topics:

  • spirituality of members
  • addressing misconceptions about the League
  • embracing diverse cultures and ages
  • creating ready-made/adaptable toolkits for parish use

What has been done to get to this point?

Overviews have been written, vetted by the implementation committee and approved by the national executive/board. Advertisements will shortly be created to populate these goal 3 groups (as well as four other new working groups). An advertisement will be included in The Canadian League as well as on Facebook and the national website.

Goal 3 working groups will need women who are motivated to ensure the League of the future will continue to be an organization known not only for valuing all life with dignity and respect but also for its outreach and service. We will need women interested in exploring, furthering, and educating others on a diverse range of spiritual practices. We will need women who are excited to prepare for a trip to somewhere new. Are you that woman?