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Implementation Committee Update – May 2024

May 1, 2024 | In the News, Media, News Releases


Implementation Committee Update—May 2024 

Spring has Sprung! 

By Jacqueline Nogier 

Spring has arrived in Canada! In a country as vast as Canada, spring looks different depending on where one lives. I find it amazing when I think of the differences in this country. It is even more impressive that just as many similarities exist. One thing most Canadians have in common in the springtime is the appearance of dandelions as the first flower of spring. Young children love to pick those pretty yellow flowers that pop up, and bees and other insects rely on them for their first sips of nectar. 

Dandelions are a lot like the women of the League. They will pop up in unexpected places, their roots go deep into the soil where they are planted, and they spread the seeds of new life on the gentlest breeze. 

The implementation committee and the working groups have put down deep roots of change. The resources that have been created are the seeds that are waiting for members to notice, appreciate and use. It can be overwhelming to look at a field of dandelions and know where to start looking. It can be just as overwhelming to look at the list of more than 80 resources and know where to start. I suggest focusing on one flower at a time, seeing the beauty and potential. 

Find that one beautiful flower and use it. Then, find a second flower to add to your collection—before long, you will have a bouquet! Look here to start to grow your collection!