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Implementation Committee Update—June 2023

Jul 6, 2023 | In the News, Media, News Releases


Implementation Committee Update—June 2023

A Sisterhood of Learning

By Jacqueline Nogier

The education on core purpose working group has been working hard. Its job is to educate members on the Objects of the League and the League’s core purpose. The group members have learned and studied and are creating three resources. They have created a bookmark and placemat with the core purpose and objects and a short introductory presentation to teach members about them. The group is excited to share these opportunities. Watch for the release of these resources.

The mentor members working group spent last winter learning about mentoring. The group developed a plan for members to be able to serve as mentors. A survey was circulated to all members between January and March. The 132 submissions have been edited and organized, and the work is almost complete. Soon the skills bank will be available. This skills bank is full of names of members willing to share their knowledge and help their sisters. Maybe you need help to:

  • write or edit a policy and procedure? There are people to help!  
  • run an election? Yes—someone can help you with that!  
  • give a presentation, but you don’t know where to start? Check!
  • learn about accounting practices? The skills bank has that too!

The League is a sisterhood that grows by sharing what members know with those around them. Members grow by giving a helping hand to each other. The education resources and the skills bank will help members do that on a national scale!