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Implementation Committee Update—January 2024 

Jan 1, 2024 | In the News, Media, News Releases


Implementation Committee Update—January 2024 

Christa Grillmair, Goal 1 Lead 

The implementation committee is now in its final year of delivering the strategic plan’s the objectives. The amazing leadership team and working group members have gifted many resources to the League. These women have dedicated hundreds of hours to addressing critical issues, developing programs to inform and educate members and recommending changes to help streamline operations and communications. 

When glancing into the rear-view mirror, members reflect on what has been accomplished. But the focus must be on the road ahead. This new year is still a working year with two projects for the Goal 1 teams—developing a protocol to evaluate spiritual programs and a guide to attract and recruit parish leaders to the League, with a focus on non-members. 

Moving forward in this journey, the committee’s mission is to work together to ensure the League remains a vibrant and relevant organization for existing members and the next generation. We hope you join us.