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Implementation Committee Update — January 2022

Jan 11, 2022 | In the News, Media, News Releases

Development of a Smart Phone Application
Sharon Ciebin, Lead, Goal 4

“We begin to act differently when we recognize the immensity of our possibilities.”
(Fulton Sheen)

Imagine for a moment a world without technology, especially the telephone and cellular phone. As a society, Canadians have come to rely heavily on both tools to connect with others and to expect to receive immediate answers to questions.

The cellular phone has become so popular that members have identified in the strategic plan the development of a smart phone application as an additional communication tool to keep users up-to-date and informed on the League.

Working group members Marilyn Blew, Susan Kaller, Ingrid LeFort and Kari Schwab have enthusiastically embraced this strategy. The group has developed an action plan that will determine the feasibility of producing such an application. In the first of a possible two-year term, the group is committed to contacting potential users to identify features and functions requested, researching external organizations and holding focus groups to assist in developing a business case. The finished business case will be presented to the national executive/board at the 2022 fall mid-term meeting. If approval to move forward is granted, the group will begin its second year, choosing and working with a developer.

To date, an online survey was developed and made available on the national website and Facebook page during September and October. Participants of this successful survey live across Canada and the United States and generously provided vital information. Working group members are in the process of collating and analyzing the collected data. In March, participants who agreed to take part in focus groups will be contacted. Prizes of rosaries and medals are on their way to 100 lucky winners. The grand prize of the virtual coffee/tea with National President Fran Lucas was won by Pamela Gregorchuk of Sechelt, British Columbia.

As a special thank you and inspiration to all, please view the video from National Spiritual Advisor Most Rev. Stephen Jensen (Prince George).