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Implementation Committee Update – August 2021

Aug 24, 2021 | Uncategorized

What’s New in Goal Three?
Jacqueline Nogier, Lead

I live in the Canadian Shield, surrounded by lakes, boreal forest and all of the animals that live within the forest. I live five houses away from the house where I grew up and look at the same lake across the street that I looked at as a child.

I have a vivid memory of one winter evening with a friend taking our toboggans to the lake and digging them into the snow as a bed to lay on and look at the stars. My mom’s main concern was that we lay close to the shore so that we would not get run over by a snow machine as we were lying in the dark. There were so many stars—it was absolutely beautiful lying in the quiet and the dark, just listening and looking.

I find I am still drawn to that same lake, and all that surrounds it. Members can find the beauty God has created anywhere—whether on the shore of a lake looking at a log covered with moss or in the work that women from across Canada do for the good of the League.

The goal three working groups have been hard at work through the spring. Three groups have completed their work with deliverables to be shared with the membership in the next few months, one group is still hard at it, and four new groups have created action plans and are ready to get to work.

Goal three resources created and approved by the implementation committee in the last few months include:

  • one deliverable forwarded to national executive/board for consideration from working group 3A League Misconceptions
  • a final document of deliverables including a calendar of cultural celebrations and copies of all Facebook and The Canadian League advertisements created from working group 3B Encourage Diversity will be created and released by national office.
  • three ready-made, adaptable toolkits for parish use from working group 3C Toolkits.
  • from working group 3D Spiritual Formation:
  • a presentation to help members create copyright free prayers and prayer services
  • 17 new copyright-free prayers and prayer services
  • a pamphlet emphasizing the social aspect of councils
  • postcards, posters and bookmarks emphasizing the importance of well-balanced meetings.

The four working groups that were created this spring have great plans for the coming months. They have a great love for the League and are motivated to do great things. They will:

  • create a brochure that will research and then share information about spiritual programs available across the country to League members.
  • create a program/kit to actively engage membership.
  • write a short article on the benefits of intergenerational interaction to all members.
  • create resources that parish councils can use to encourage intergenerational interaction and diversity.
  • create tool(s) for parish councils to increase connectedness among members.

Beauty can be found anywhere that we go. I see so much beauty in not only the natural world but in the faces and actions of the working group members. League members accomplish great things when they work together.