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Implementation Committee – October 2021

Oct 1, 2021 | In the News, Media, News Releases

Beginnings and Endings
Update on the Goal 3 Working Groups

Starting something new is always exciting (and a little scary). Sometimes people embarking on something new are not sure of the expectations or if they can live up to them. Ending something is also exciting—and a little sad. People can be unsure how things passed so quickly and what they will do with the extra time they suddenly have on their hands. Here are some beginnings and endings of the Goal 3 working groups.

Goal 3 working groups have been busy this summer. One working group from last year continues to finish its work, while four new groups have formed. All are hard at work. They have gotten over the “a little scary” stage of starting something new and are working full steam ahead to achieve their action plans. This month, the implementation committee is highlighting two of four new working groups on Goal 3 strategies.

The networking working group has been compiling information on Catholic organizations with spiritual programs of interest to members. The group intends to contact these organizations, share information about the League, and then create a document so that everyone can have some basic information about these organizations and avail themselves of the spiritual programs they offer.

The generational activity working group has been researching the benefits of intergenerational activity for all ages. It is often understood that intergenerational activities benefit older members, but these activities are also important and can benefit members of all ages. This group will be writing an article that explains these benefits. It will also be providing a resource list for councils wishing to learn more about this topic.

Four Goal 3 working groups were struck in May 2020. Three of these groups have completed their tasks and the deliverables were forwarded to national office for publishing. One of these groups—encourage diversity working group—has had its work published and uploaded to the national website. Have you seen it? Visit to view and download it. The spiritual formation and toolkits working groups will have their deliverables published in October and November.

The League misconceptions working group is putting on the finishing touches of its final deliverables and hopes to have two more resources available to members soon.

Time passes—that is something to which members can all relate. Sometimes it feels like it moves so slowly, and then there are those times when one looks back and cannot believe how fast it went. There are always beginnings and endings in life. The most important thing to do is recognize that each is important and appreciate them as they happen.