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Guide to Evaluating Spiritual Programs

Jun 3, 2024 | In the News, Manuals, Media, News Releases

The League announces the release of A Guide to Evaluating Spiritual Programs. The previously released Prayer Service Planning Workshop (#628) gifted members with a valuable resource for planning and producing prayer services and answered questions regarding topics such as copyright, the use of images, music, written text from the Internet, and different types of prayer. The Guide to Evaluating Spiritual Programs is the bow on the gift, providing members at all levels of the League with protocols to evaluate previously existing and newly created spiritual programs or those programs found on League or other websites or in resources such as books and magazines. In consultation with the council’s spiritual advisor (or their equivalent), chairpersons of faith are urged to always use the Evaluation Form found in the guide.

Rolande Chernichan

National Chairperson of Faith

650 Guide to Evaluating Spiritual Programs