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Executive Orientation Program

Jun 2, 2021 | Uncategorized

Executive Orientation Program

Introduction to the Executive Orientation: [sdm_download id=”14880″ fancy=”0″]


CWL Executive Member Self-Evaluation

Executive Orientation Evaluation

Module Presentation Length Recording PowerPoint Only Handouts
History of the League 15 minutes [sdm_download id=”14870″ fancy=”0″] [sdm_download id=”14881″ fancy=”0″]
Structure of the League and The Promise of the League 25 minutes [sdm_download id=”15039″ fancy=”0″] [sdm_download id=”15038″ fancy=”0″]

Core Principles; Constitution & Bylaws; Policy and Procedure; Executive Handbook

20 minutes [sdm_download id=”14913″ fancy=”0″] [sdm_download id=”14883″ fancy=”0″] [sdm_download id=”14905″ fancy=”0″]
Duties of Officers 20 minutes [sdm_download id=”14898″ fancy=”0″] [sdm_download id=”14884″ fancy=”0″] [sdm_download id=”14906″ fancy=”0″]
Life Membership and Honorary Life Membership 20 minutes [sdm_download id=”14875″ fancy=”0″] [sdm_download id=”14885″ fancy=”0″]
Strategic Plan Summary 30 minutes [sdm_download id=”14876″ fancy=”0″] [sdm_download id=”14886″ fancy=”0″]
Communication 45 minutes [sdm_download id=”14910″ fancy=”0″] [sdm_download id=”14887″ fancy=”0″]
Budgets 15 minutes [sdm_download id=”14899″ fancy=”0″] [sdm_download id=”14888″ fancy=”0″]
Member Recognition 10 minutes [sdm_download id=”14877″ fancy=”0″] [sdm_download id=”14889″ fancy=”0″]
Public Presence and Member Development 30 minutes [sdm_download id=”14879″ fancy=”0″] [sdm_download id=”14891″ fancy=”0″] [sdm_download id=”14907″ fancy=”0″]