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Communiqué #01 – Social Justice

Sep 3, 2023 | By Position, By Year, Communiques, Social Justice, Social Justice

Glenda Carson, National Chairperson of Social Justice, August 30th, 2023

FOR: Chairpersons of Social Justice at All Levels


Dear sisters in the League,

It is a privilege to serve you as the national chairperson of social justice. This is my second term serving on the national executive, having been the national chairperson of legislation for the 2021-2023 term. 

I live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, am married and the proud mother and grandmother of two children and three grandchildren. I have always been drawn to social justice initiatives having been the chairperson of my parish social justice committee for many years. I have also served as a chairperson of legislation and resolutions for my parish CWL council and chairperson of resolutions at the diocesan level. I am incredibly proud of this organization’s strong legacy as a voice for social justice across the areas of Catholic social teaching.

Despite being a member for over 35 years and serving in various leadership roles at all levels, the past term proved to be a sharp learning curve. But it indeed was a grand ride, and I look forward to the challenge of being part of the implementation of the new organizational structure at the national level. According to the Constitution & Bylaws, chairpersons of social justice are guided by Catholic social teaching and shall therefore: 

  • encourage members to uphold the life and dignity of the human person
  • advocate for the poor and the vulnerable and their inclusion in society
  • advocate for the dignity of work and equal rights of workers
  • care for God’s creation
  • educate members and keep them informed of relevant social justice issues
  • initiate resolutions on relevant issues. 

The above are very broad visions for social justice action. Initiatives will vary with each parish council as outlined in the Handbook for Chairpersons of Faith, Service and Social Justice, posted on the national website under Resources/Manuals. There are other resources developed under the Strategic Planning Resources and Updates tab that will also be very helpful. 

This term will genuinely be a journey of discovery. I look forward to working with all chairpersons of social justice and those still serving as chairpersons of legislation and resolutions until 2024. In closing, I offer you a reflection from Pope Francis: 

…our response to injustice and exploitation must be more than mere condemnation; first and foremost, it must be the active promotion of the good: condemnation of what is wrong, yet the promotion of what is good…We need possibilities able to become realities, and realities able to offer hope. This means putting into practice the social teaching of the Church.

Glenda Carson

National Chairperson of Social Justice