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Communiqué #01 – Service

Sep 7, 2023 | By Position, Communiques, In the News, Media, News Releases, Service, Service, Uncategorized

Joline Belliveau, National Chairperson of Service, September 6th, 2023

FOR: Provincial Chairpersons of Service, Provincial Chairpersons of Education and Health


Updates to Policy and Procedure Manual

Here I am Lord, send me. At this moment what a fitting theme for 2024/25. After reading material sent by Executive Director Kim Scammell and on the website, and notes from the executive meeting that followed the national annual meeting of members, this quote is how I feel. It is a Sunday morning and I sit staring at this page, thinking well, here I am. I guess it is time to start putting my thoughts in writing. 

In the past five years, so much has changed in the League that affects all levels. By now, most of the League has embraced the new positions, which involve the three standing committees and the re-assigned responsibilities. Under the service standing committee, some of Christian family life, community life and education and health activities are found. Parish activities is no longer a separate position. I strongly recommend reviewing the changes in the Constitution & Bylaws and the National Manual of Policy and Procedure. This material should always be your invaluable tool of reference. Please bear with me for a few more communiques as I learn what is required of me, how many sub-committee members I may need, develop my short- and long-range plans, etc. 

For my first communique, I would like to address a letter sent to the League from the Coady International Institute. As you know the Coady is one of the national voluntary funds. The League, since 1961, has partnered with the Coady to provide financial assistance to help women to take the leadership programs offered on St. Francis Xavier University campus. Lack of finances is the primary reason why women cannot attend. 

Last year the League collected and sent $13,051.15 to the Coady to support its scholarship fund. The total cost for a person to attend the leadership program is $25,000. Offered on an international basis, the Coady continues to provide courses, reaching out to women in Canada as well as around the world. The courses offered are innovative and dynamic and may be taken on campus or online. At the Coady there is a focus on encouraging women to create a positive change, and to recognize and address issues such as inequality, injustice, racism and sexism. 

Please continue to support the Coady as it is so appreciative. The Coady wishes to promote a world where there is dignity for all people, growth and religious freedom for everyone. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Coady International Institute its website is There is also a brochure on the CWL website #351 – however it is under review.

Joline Belliveau

National Chairperson of Service