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Call for Volunteers!

Apr 2, 2024 | In the News, Media, News Releases

Are you a member aged 40 or under with a passion  

for engaging young women in the Catholic faith? 

If so, we invite you to join our advisory team. 

What will the advisory team do? The team will meet periodically to offer ideas for new content for the League’s outreach website  

Who will lead the team? The team will be led by the League’s digital media assistant Catherine C.  

How many members will be on the advisory team? We are looking for six to eight members.  

When and how will the team meet? Every January, April, July and October by virtual meeting. 

What is the time commitment? Advisory team members will meet for two-three hours four times per year to share their ideas. The agreed upon content ideas will then be developed and the site refreshed by Catherine C. Prospective members who have added their contact information to the contact list will receive these quarterly informational updates. 

If this volunteer opportunity appeals to you, simply send a message by April 15th to Kim Scammell at describing your current League involvement and the reasons for wanting to participate.