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Adventures with Anne – National President Anne-Marie Gorman, July 24, 2019

Jul 25, 2019 | In the News, Media, News Releases, Spotlight, Uncategorized

Years ago, a very dear Sister, Gertrude Corbett CND, ruminated on being a “mugwump.” I have never forgotten. A mugwump is a person who has one part of one’s body on one side of the fence (issue) and another part on the other side. I have not been writing my adventures of late as I was the consummate mugwump who was concerned telling my “stories” as national president was just taking up space and not of much interest to the organization as a whole; i.e., spiritual growth, education, inspiration to act… you get the picture.

Then I began what is lovingly called “convention season.” I had no idea my travels would produce in me even more love for the League than it already has. May 3-4 saw me in Summerside, Prince Edward Island; May 24-26 in Oromocto, New Brunswick; May 31-June 1 in Montreal, Quebec; June 1-3 in Saskatoon and Humboldt, Saskatchewan; June 7-9 in Amherst, Nova Scotia; and July 14-17 in Kingston, Ontario. While there were meetings and travels interspersed among convention dates, I learned the members I met with provided the most energy, the most inspiration and the most confidence in the vitality of the organization. The presentations I was privileged to share, the greetings I made, the speakers whose addresses were both educational and thought-provoking, and the beautiful liturgies and prayer services that filled me with such joy and sustained me on the journey, constantly rejuvenated this simple country gal. It was an honour I dreamt not of, but was truly an honour. Such commitment by members to producing, welcoming, and nourishing both body and spirit demonstrated their love.

I even got to visit a president-elect’s home, meet the three cats of a life member and see the countryside that feeds the cities in this land. There were tears of joy and poignant moments when I was touched deeply by a reading, a homily, a prayer and/or a hymn. I cannot begin to thank the organizers, but want all to know your efforts will never be forgotten.

And so I await my first national convention as chairperson. Prayers, please, that I have all the proper materials with me in Calgary (thank you, Kim and Amanda), that I am forgiven for being unable to remember people’s names and that I take time to savour this first of two years. It is like the admonition not to take pictures during a ceremony as people will miss the actual event in real-time. I really want to be present and put the “Christian” in “Catholic” of Catholic Women’s League.

God bless until next time.