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2018 Annual Report – Ontario

May 31, 2019 | Annual Reports, Ontario, Provincial

Anne Madden
Ontario Provincial Council President

Inform the Membership
Where did members get information from which to inform members?

  • national meetings, directives, research, media and League websites
  • the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario (ACBO)

What priorities were introduced to and discussed or acted upon by councils?

  • strategic planning, League’s 100th anniversary, palliative care, and mental health
  • continued focus on homelessness
  • attestation requirement for Canada Summer Jobs program, particularly educating members on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom

What methods were used to introduce these topics?

  • strategic planning workshops at all diocesan conventions with follow-up workshops in parishes, and diocesan and provincial meetings
  • celebrated 12 Hours of Care for Palliative Care
  • assisted individuals with mental health issues as part of focus on homelessness

Foster Open Communication

  • ON-Line Newsletter/website
  • oral reports at executive meetings
  • directives from provincial officers to counterparts
  • many provincial council bulletins regarding urgent matters
  • personal and conference phone calls and e-mails

Preside at Meetings and Conventions
What resources were used to preside at meetings?

  • Constitution & Bylaws, national and provincial policy and procedure manuals, Robert’s Rules of Order, national communiqués and knowledge gained from attendance at national meetings

Signing Authority
What types of documents were signed on behalf of the council?

  • worked with provincial treasurer and recording secretary as needed to review claim forms and sign cheques
  • letters, cards, certificates, invitations and e-mails were sent by the administrative assistant on behalf of the president

Provided Active Leadership

  • represented provincial council at all 13 diocesan conventions
  • attended development days, workshops, retreats, special council anniversaries and events

Council Subsidies to Attend Events

  • Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute, Henri Nouwen Society’s Courage for Caregivers and the New Evangelization Summit

Initiate Policy

  • provincial manuals (policy and procedure, convention guide and provincial guidelines) were updated, made searchable and added to the website following each executive meeting

Keep Fully Informed

  • All executive members read and understood the Executive Handbook and duties of the executive team.
  • Provincial executive members were encouraged to visit national and provincial League websites on “Website Wednesdays.”
  • Reports submitted by every executive member were shared via e-mail with other executive members and posted on the website.

Be an Ex Officio Member of All Committees Except the Nominations and Elections Committee

  • administration, guideline and policy review, resolutions review and social justice committee

Official Spokesperson

  • represented the provincial council at the national table
  • attended meeting with ACBO executive in September with president-elect
  • had representation at special anniversaries, award ceremonies and funerals as requested or as needed
  • convention, administration, executive and president’s meetings were arranged, and executive members engaged in dialogue on relevant topics

Appoint committees
The following committees were appointed:

  • administration committee
  • policy, guidelines and convention guide review committee
  • registration and credential committee
  • resolutions review, reading, government visitation and archiving committees
  • minutes review committee
  • Bishop Bernard F. Pappin bursary committee
  • social justice committee
  • nominations and elections committee
  • annual report book committee

Diocesan Highlights

  • homelessness activities, such as Warmth and Comfort Project
  • focused on palliative/hospice care including medical assistance in dying
  • researched rights of Indigenous offenders
  • Find Your Voice workshop

President’s Activity Report

  • attended national executive meetings/convention as required and gave written and oral reports
  • worked with administrative assistant to send letters for a variety of reasons (congratulatory, sympathy, information, etc.)
  • prepared monthly submissions to ON-Line Newsletter
  • visited future convention sites
  • selected guest speakers for annual convention in keeping with the national theme and the provincial theme of Homelessness
  • accepted requests to speak at meetings in my own diocese


  • new executives hold a mentoring session soon after election, with their previous counterparts, to swap materials and glean ideas
  • save files to flash drives for ease of access and to decrease the amount of paper transferred and stored
  • presidents keep a running list of activities for future counterpart