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2017 Annual Report – National Chairperson of Communications

Sep 24, 2018 | Uncategorized

Shari Guinta
National 2nd Vice-President and Chairperson of Communications
2017 Annual Report

Six provincial chairpersons reported. It was encouraging to see most parish councils have communications chairpersons.

The Canadian League Magazine
It was encouraging to learn that every provincial chairperson reported members read and enjoyed The Canadian League and it was used as a constant resource. Articles on palliative care were popular as were “Keep in touch, Get Involved—Communicate!” and “Resolutions—Inspired Women Responding to God’s Call.” Spiritual development articles and messages from the national president and national spiritual advisor were also mentioned.

All provincial chairpersons reported some members had viewed the annual national convention speakers online and participated in the townhall for strategic planning. Many members however did not know about or could not participate in this.

It was encouraging to note media was used to publicize the League, as well as functions parish councils planned. Local newspapers, church bulletins and websites were used for distribution of information.

Salt + Light TV, VisionTV and Catholic newspapers were viewed and used. It was reported however that Salt + Light promotional videos had not been utilized. All provincial chairpersons mentioned disapproval of the CBC series Mary Kills People and councils had voiced their disapproval.

There was a definite increase in Facebook, websites and newsletters. In a digitally technological age, councils and members utilized the tools at hand. Councils at all levels were developing their own websites. I was surprised to see every provincial chairperson reporting that parish councils still used telephone trees.

Media Relations
Parish councils invited local media to events and some reported a good rapport with them.

Parish councils reported investigating and watching articles and documentaries on the pornography issue including viewing Over 18 and having information sessions on the harmful effects of pornography. The Pornography Hurts postcard campaign was still popular and councils chose a month on their own to send postcards to government. There were also petitions.

Summary Comments
• While reviewing reports from the provincial chairpersons, going forward I might suggest livestreaming be utilized as it seemed to be popular with some and this could grow.
The Canadian League continued to be an important tool for members; it was popular and well utilized.
• Members and parish councils were becoming more and more “tech savvy” and responded to various technological initiatives.
• Parish councils responded to news alerts and requests for action, but connecting with and contacting members was not always easy or timely. Perhaps technology could be utilized even more for these efforts.
• The national website was not mentioned as much as I thought it should or could be.
• The pornography issue gained momentum within parish councils. This issue, although an older one, is every bit as prevalent today as it was several years ago. With the focus on the Internet, pornography has become a phenomenon. Much work needs to be done in this area.
• It was interesting to see parish councils do not subscribe necessarily to publications; however, many members do subscribe and publications are read, viewed and used.