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Instructions for Printing Pornography Hurts Postcard

Oct 1, 2015 | Uncategorized


Instructions for printing the Pornography Hurts postcard

First of all, thank you for your interest in the Pornography Hurts campaign and for taking the steps to promote change!

  1. The Pornography Hurts postcard was designed to ensure compliance with Canada Post’s automated processing system standards. Canada Post accepts three postcard sizes (4” x 6”, 4.65” x 6.69” and 3.95” x 8.64”).
  2. This postcard has been designed and saved as a 4”x 6”. As this is the smallest size accepted by Canada Post, it is impossible to provide two or four postcards per page for printing on standard letter-sized paper.
  3. The minimum paper-weight requirement for Canada Post to process the postcard: 60 lb cardstock. 90 lb cardstock is highly recommended for most postcards as they are then more durable.
  4. It is highly recommended the file be saved to a USB stick and taken to a print centre in your area. You can also do a web search for a quick printer online: many offer great prices for printing in larger volumes and charge very low shipping costs.