Welcome to Fredericton!

From across the country, League members have made the trek to New Brunswick

frederictonWelcome to Fredericton!

From across the country, League members have made the trek to New Brunswick. A voyage to Fredericton however, is neither an exotic vacation nor an adrenaline adventure; but rather a journey to a land of friendly people, charm and culture. Exploring the quaint community, one can feel the vitality of its people, mixed with a historic embodiment of times past.

Fredericton touches the hearts of its visitors with its likeness to small town comfort; a setting seemingly plucked right from the pages of an enthralling novel. Although not a coastal city, the fresh scent of the ocean carried by the wind invigorates its people. Mist from the St. John River kisses the towering trees along the river banks. Green, luscious and full of life in August, one can only imagine what must be stunning jewel toned leaves coating the city in autumn. A bird’s eye view when entering the city is nothing short of glorious.

For those who have never journeyed to the east coast, it can almost seem like arriving in a foreign country. While proudly Canadian, the east coast has its own personality, its own identity, its own breath and heartbeat. Canada’s people of the east are hard working, hard playing, and easy loving people. The coined Australian phrase, “no worries” aptly suits this city’s people.

In Fredericton, no one is a stranger and everyone knows his or her neighbour. Proudly the only officially bilingual Canadian province, New Brunswick is welcoming to those from all walks of life. Fredericton is a storybook town, a contemporary city embracing its past.

Welcome to Fredericton, a home for your heart. Experience its beauty and unique charm as you embark on your journey to see the Lord. For you will find Him in the glistening eyes, the joyous smiles and the tender hearts of the people of New Brunswick. Bienvenue. Welcome.