Secretary-Treasurer Communique #2

National Secretary-Treasurer Janet McLean, February 1, 2018


Treasurer Annual Report Form

When the 2016 annual reports were prepared, there was some confusion about the reports that I required from provincial council secretaries and treasurers because of the new on-line reporting system. Last year, I received a summary of the submitted parish council information through the on-line system and I found it most enlightening to read reports from the grassroots, particularly the comments provided. Parish council reports were sent to the appropriate diocesan or provincial council counterparts, depending on the structure in place in each provincial council. Diocesan council secretaries and treasurers, where applicable, prepared reports for provincial council counterparts which in turn were sent to me.

In some cases, there was a misunderstanding about forwarding reports to me since I had already received the parish council on-line reports. Please be assured that I do require a report from all provincial council secretaries and treasurers. For provincial councils with no diocesan councils, you will be summarizing the information from your parishes, and for provincial councils with diocesan councils you will be summarizing the various diocesan council reports. In addition, you will be adding information about your own work as well as your comments and observations.

A second report is required from treasurers. This is the Treasurer Annual Report Form, available on the national website under Resources 500 Series – Forms. A copy is attached. In the section pertaining to the amounts given to the national voluntary funds, it is important that councils only include the amounts sent to national office. Amounts submitted directly to these charities by parishes should be included as part of donations made under the appropriate standing committee.

As a friendly reminder to treasurers, now that January 2018 has ended, the 2017 books of your provincial council should be complete and ready for verification by an independent third party. Unless stated in your provincial council’s policy and procedure manual, you do not require an audit in the accounting sense, however, a thorough review of your books should be completed and a report attesting to their accuracy should be obtained from the individual conducting the review.

If you have any questions on the above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I look forward to receiving your reports by March 31st as stated in Organization communiqué #5.

Your sister in the League,

Janet McLean
National Secretary-Treasurer