Programs and Workshops

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Spiritual Development


Christian Family Life

  • Euthanasia (a 15-minute workshop)
  • Rainbow and Flowers - a half-day workshop developed using World Peace: a family recipe! (Catholic Organization for Life and Family)
  • Skit - 20-minute workshop focusing on seeing the CWL as a supportive group of sisters struggling with current issues in their own lives
  • workshop based on World Peace: a famliy recipe! - a reflection on vocation of marriage and family and the importance of passing peace on to the next generation by being a sign of peace in the family.
  • Workshop on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide (a 1 3/4 hour workshop)

Community Life

Education and Health




Catch the Fire!

  • Claudette Langdon

    Good morning I have been at a few funerals for a deceased member and the leader has song a song that is used at times beginning with “May the Lord…” as a closing from fellow sisters and I cannot find it. Help please.

    • Rebecca McCarrell

      This is a hymn by Sister Cherryl Ann Furtak. May the Lord bless you, may the Lord keep you, May the Lord’s face shine upon you. Mary the Lord look kindly, may He look graciously, may the Lord give you His peace. I believe it can by found int the Glory & Praise blue book (219) There are 3 verses and the refrain. It is based on Numbers.