Resolutions Communique #3

National Chairperson of Resolutions Joan Bona, March 28, 2017.

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On Your Mark, Get Set, Go
Remember the infamous words from our childhood games to be prepared – on your mark, get set, go? While not a race by far, parish councils are in preparation mode to begin their resolutions process. Supporting their endeavours may require organization, knowledge and the skills to align resolutions with those requirements outlined in League resources. Here are a few tidbits of information, which may be helpful in moving forward.

On Your Mark
‘The Spirit provides’. It is time to generate some ideas. Not always targeted for national consideration, resolutions may be local, diocesan or provincial in nature. You might wish to survey councils on potential topics. Has it already been considered at some level? Check with your diocesan counterparts, the National Manual of Policy and Procedure and national/provincial/diocesan websites. Parish councils should be encouraged to engage the assistance of other members who may have a common interest in their topic.

Get Set
Establish a plan of action. Resolutions give authentic witness because of personal experiences, or an awareness of an issue. Armed with League resources and the Resolutions Supplement to the Executive Handbook, you are well on your way to begin the process of reviewing the resolutions submitted to your committee.

Please remember media (newspapers, television, magazines) and internet blogs are not always reliable sources; but may reference a study or research. Councils that use this material should be asked to delve deeper. Government documents and scientific journals are examples of reliable sources.

The finish line is in sight, so ensure your committee uses the checklist properly when receiving submitted resolutions:

  • A completed resolution checklist. (Pages 22 and 23)
  • A completed action plan (Page 8)
  • Cited works in MLA format. (Page 7)
  • Flagged, numbered and highlighted all citations in the accompanying research material.
  • Send research and support material in a duo tang folder instead of a binder. It will make things easier for mailing and transportation.

Keep in mind that at each level where the resolution is examined, presented, debated and adopted, a thorough examination of all documents should be completed.

Resolution packages received at national office will be verified. Any resolutions forwarded without completed “Documentation/Citations” and “Other Information/Materials Required” sections will be returned. Refer to pages 20 and 21 of the Resolutions Supplement to the Executive Handbook, which outlines the criteria for acceptance by the national resolutions committee.

I ask that provincial chairpersons e-mail an overview of proposed resolutions, including those directed provincially, by April 30, 2017. The information of proposed resolution topics to national, and those being considered provincially, will be correlated and shared with all provincial chairpersons. Through the sharing of ideas, others may want to emulate a similar resolution within their own province.

Toward the Finish Line
Once resolutions have been adopted at your provincial convention, kindly forward all documentation immediately to national office. Due to the early date for the annual national convention in August, the national resolutions committee will meet in early July, preceding the Ontario provincial convention. A second meeting will be held by teleconference or videoconferencing upon receipt of Ontario’s resolutions. A third meeting will precede the national convention, where all resolutions will be re-reviewed. It is important that you be available in the event that additional information is required. Communication will be an integral part of this year’s resolutions process.

Please pray for all members who give life and service to the issues that may affect us directly or indirectly. Jesus teaches us to serve without counting the cost. Through resolutions, members give testimony to change, strengthening their resolve to approach policymakers to help shape a just world while working courageously on the fundamental issues at hand. May the Holy Spirit inspire us to be courageous witnesses as we observe and learn.

God bless you in the weeks and months ahead.

Joan Bona