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2013.01 Building Relationships and Partnerships with Canada’s Indigenous Peoples: Community Life


2011.01 Prohibition of Practices re Human Reproductive Material: Education and Health
2011.02 Children of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women: Community Life
2011.03 National Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation Registry: Education and Health
2011.04 Caffeine in Energy Drinks: Education and Health


2010.01 Chrysotile Asbestos: Community Life


2009.01 Exit Strategies for Prostituted Persons: Community Life


2008.02 Restrictions on the Sale of Products Containing Triclosan: Education and Health
2008.03 Toxic Substances in Household Products: Education and Health


2007.02 Hospice Palliative Care: An Integral Component of the Canadian Health Care System: Education and Health
2007.03 Global Accountability for Canadian Registered Mining Companies: Community Life


2006.02 Legal Protection for All Those Who Object to the Solemnization of Civil Marriage for Same-sex Partners: Christian Family Life
2006.04 Renewable Energy: Education and Health
2006.05 GST Exemption on Funeral Services: Legislation


2005.02 The Children of Mothers in Prison: Community Life
2005.03 Protection of Farmers' Rights to Save Seed: Community Life
2005.06 Developing Countries and Water: Community Life, Education and Health
2005.07 Illegal Manufacture and Trafficking of Crystal Methamphetamine: Education and Health
2005.09 Support for Families Experiencing Perinatal Loss: Christian Family Life
2005.10 Strategy to Reduce Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether Flame Retardants: Education and Health


2004.01 Protection of Human Life: Christian Family Life
2004.06 National Strategy for Suicide Prevention: Legislation
2004.07 Water Use in Canada: Education and Health
2004.08 Treatment of Autistic Persons: Education and Health
2004.11 Link Between Violent, Graphic Imagery and Aggressive Behaviour and the Mechanics of Killing: Communications
2004.12 Marijuana Possession/Use - A Criminal Offense: Education and Health


2003.01 Affordable Housing for Low-Income Canadians: Community Life
2003.04 Healthy Living for Life: Education and Health
2003.05 Type 2 Diabetes and You: Education and Health


2002.05 Tax on Currency Exchange Transactions: International Relations
2002.09 Human Stem Cell Research: Christian Family Life
2002.10 Biopatenting: Education and Health
2002.11 Responsible Internet Use for Children: Communications


2001.01 Quality End-Of-Life Care: Education and Health
2001.03 Hunger in Canada: Community Life
2001.04 Water Quality in Canada: Education and Health
2001.05 National Strategy for Arthritis: Education and Health


2000.02 The Prohibition of the Sale of Human Embryonic or Foetal Tissue, or Reproductive Services: Christian Family Life
2000.03 Promotion of Fair Trade Coffee: Community Life
2000.04 Endometriosis Research/Awareness: Education and Health
2000.05 Violence on Television as It Relates to Children: Communications
2000.06 Violence in Music Lyrics: Communications

2000.08 Sweatshops: Community Life


1999.02 Childhood Abuse in Institutions: Community Life
1999.05 Macular Degeneration and Education Awareness: Education and Health
1999.06 Unrelated Bone Marrow Donor Registry Program: Education and Health
1999.08 Reduction of Export of Military Goods: International Relations
1999.09 Bulk Fresh Water Resources: Education and Health


1998.02 Deviant Sex Establishments/Businesses: Communications
1998.03 National Pharmacare: Education and Health
1998.05 Palliative Care: An Essential Service: Education and Health
1998.06 Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome): Education and Health
1998.09 Ethyl Alcohol in Mouthwash: Education and Health
1998.10 Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI): International Relations


1997.04 Awareness of Another Risk Factor for Breast Cancer: Education and Health
1997.05 Pesticides and Herbicides: Hazards and Alternatives: Education and Health
1997.06 Genetically Engineered Foods: Education and Health
1997.07 United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child: International Relations
1997.10 Amendment to the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Interpretations Act to Recognize the Child as a Human Being from Conception: Legislation


1996.02 Natural Family Planning: Christian Family Life
1996.03 Advance Directives for Health Care: Christian Family Life, Education and Health
1996.06 Women's Heart Disease and Stroke: Education and Health
1996.07 Research Funding for Women's Heart Disease and Stroke: Education and Health
1996.08 Partnership in Health Care: Education and Health
1996.11 Gambling Addiction: Education and Health


1995.02 Abortion Funding: Christian Family Life
1995.03 Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness: Education and Health


1994.04 Prescription and Non-Prescription Drug Awareness: Knowledge, The Best Medicine: Education and Health


1993.05 Canadian Immigration Policy to Protect Women at Risk of Gender-Related Persecution: Community Life


1992.05 Support Services for Pregnant Women: Christian Family Life


1990.05 Health Protection - BSE: Education and Health
1990.07 Environmental Concerns: Education and Health
1990.08 Native Communications: Communications


1989.04 National Strategy on Child Care: Christian Family Life


1988.01 Meaningful Liturgy: Spiritual Development
1988.11 Alcohol Advertising in the Broadcast Media: Communications


1985.04 Violence on Television: Communications
1985.12 Northern Renewable Resources: Community Life


1984.06 Spousal Abuse: Christian Family Life


1978.03 Catholic Press: Communications
1978.06 Know Your Candidate for Office: Community Life


1975.02 Abortion Counseling: Christian Family Life


1972.09 Portrayal of Family Life on T.V.: Communications
1972.24 Alternate Forms of Punishment: Community Life


1971.04 Action on Abortion Issue: Christian Family Life


1969.09 T.V. Programming: Communications


1966.10 Advertising: Communications


1965.05 Marriage Preparation Course: Christian Family Life
1965.07 Canadian Catholic Conference: Spiritual Development


1962.06 Reading Material on Newsstands: Communications


1954.03 Re Movies, Radio and Television: Communications

  • Heather Howe

    When and how does a resolution get archived? I’m looking for information on 1999.01
    Elder Abuse/Assault Awareness, but it has been archived. Does this mean it is complete?