Newest National Manual of Policy and Procedure now available for download and purchase

After much anticipation, the 2014 P&P is here.

The new 2014 National Manual of Policy and Procedure (P&P) is now available for download and  purchase!

The new P&P was revised to align with the recently adopted  Constitution and Bylaws (C&B).

Hard copies of the P&P are available through national office for $28.00. Order your new P&P with a new C&B now and receive $1.00 off!

The new P&P is available for download under the “Resources” tab and “Manuals” drop down menu on the national website. DOWNLOAD NOW!

You will  automatically be shipped the newest version of the P&P upon ordering. You can order your new P&P through national office by calling (888) 656-4040 or by submitting an order form (Resources – Price List — Toll-Free fax: 888-831-9507).