Facebook Guidelines

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Council Facebook Guidelines  

Councils are engaging through various social networking sites and Facebook is finding a prominent role in that list. Recommendations for use of and subsequent monitoring of a Facebook page for parish council should include/observe/practice the following:


  • Request written permission if the council intends to use the League logo.
  • Assign one or two administrators to moderate the account and post messages.
  • Be respectful of the League and its members.
  • Know your members and tailor content to their needs.
  • Engage your members. Ask for feedback, ask questions, communicate with them, etc.
  • Reply to questions as quickly as possible.
  • Use a recognizable profile picture.
  • Promote the League through your own contacts. Follow others first, comment, like, etc.
  • Keep posts brief, timely and concise.
  • Compose posts carefully and thoughtfully.  You do not want to offend or harm the reputation of the League.
  • Proofread and be sure material referenced is accurate before publishing.
  • Vary your posts (text, links, photos, videos, etc) and vary your content.
  • Post at strategic times during the day based on your audience. Facebook posts should be limited to one or twice per day to encourage engagement.
  • Share posts and information relevant to your members from the national Facebook page.
  • Tag other people and businesses when mentioned in photos, text posts, etc., but be considerate of those you are tagging. Be courteous and ask permission first.
  • Be aware that individual members do not speak on behalf of the League.
  • Be sure to indicate when views are personal, and not the League’s.
  • Periodically update the “About” page.


  • Post private matters on a public wall. Use private messaging.
  • Overshare/Overpost.
  • Abuse hashtags.
  • Oversell/overmarket.
  • Let your page become dormant.
  • Use Caps Lock.
  • Repeat the same post.