Community Life Communique #5

National Chairperson of Community Life Betty Colaneri, November 7, 2017



World Day logo

World Day of the Poor official logo (Credit: Vatican Press Office.)

Dear sisters in the League,

Information regarding the first World Day of the Poor included in the community life memo was sent out in the parish mailing. Please circulate the following additional information and encourage members to participate.

In his apostolic letter Misericordia et Misera, Pope Francis states that he would like the church to celebrate the 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time as World Day of the Poor. This year’s celebration entitled “Love not in word but in deed” falls on November 19th and is taken from the first letter of John. The Holy Father invites the church and people of other faiths around the world to love and cater to the poor, insisting that acts of generosity and kindness must not be limited to occasional volunteer work, but must strive to find the origins of injustice that will lead to a true encounter with the poor. He wishes to emphasize the encounter as an opportunity for evangelization, and encourages people to make real gestures of mercy. Pope Francis will preside at a mass in St. Peter’s Basilica during the November 19th celebration and will invite 500 of the poor to the Vatican to join him for lunch the Paul VI Audience Hall immediately following the mass.

A logo, created to represent the World Day of the Poor, depicts an open red door where two figures on either side reach for each other with outstretched hands. The star illustrated on the upper half of the logo represents the opportunity to evangelize. Pope Francis requests that prayer and more specifically the Our Father, referred to as the prayer of the poor, be the centre of the celebration stating “Our asking for bread expresses our entrustment to God for our basic needs in life. Everything that Jesus taught us in this prayer expresses and brings together the cry of all who suffer from life’s uncertainties and the lack of what they need. The poor are not a problem. They are a resource from which to draw as we strive to accept and practice in our lives the essence of the Gospel.”

Catholic Relief Services created a parish packet which includes a bulletin insert, prayers, homily helps, and general intercessions to help parishes learn about and observe the World Day of the Poor available at

World day prayer


I look forward to hearing about all of the wonderful deeds members will be doing to commemorate the first World Day of the Poor.
Betty Colaneri
National Chairperson of Community Life