Community Life Communique #3

National Chairperson of Community Life Betty Colaneri, June 22, 2017



What an exciting time in our nation’s history and a wonderful opportunity for us to show pride in our country by celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday! One way to honour Canada is to give back to our communities. A list of 150 suggested things members can do and organizations they can assist or volunteer for may be obtained by contacting Natalia at [email protected] Encourage all members to pitch in to celebrate this awesome nation that we are proud to call home.

There are websites offering many ideas and locations where members can join in the action. The website features the Canada 150 logo with the contest winner’s description of the logo. It was thrilling to read that the winner, Ariana Mari Cuvin, a high school graduate, attended Father John Redmond Catholic Secondary School and Regional Arts Centre in Toronto. This is another feather in the cap for Catholic education. Receiving several scholastic awards Ariana described her design as follows:

“The maple leaf is the nation’s most iconic symbol, and I used subtle design choices to represent Canada and its Confederation. The base of the leaf is made up of four diamonds (diamonds are celebratory gems), with nine more expanding outwards from them, meant to represent the four provinces that formed Canada after Confederation in 1867, eventually growing to the 13 provinces and territories. The repeated shape is meant to create a sense of unity and the 13 shapes forming the leaf represents our togetherness as a country. In the coloured iterations, the centre four diamonds are similar in colour. From left to right, similar colours are used in a row to show the provinces and territories that joined Canada in the same year. The multi-coloured iteration gives a feeling of diversity while the red one shows pride and unity.”

“The maple leaf motif is recognized at home and abroad as distinctively Canadian, and it fosters feelings of pride, unity and celebration. This unique design is simple enough to be drawn by children, and versatile enough to be used in a host of applications. The possible uses of the symbol are as unlimited as the spirit and imagination of the Canadian public.”

The League was contacted by Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ), a faith-based national organization working on federal policy in the areas of poverty in Canada, climate justice and refugee rights, regarding the Dignity for All campaign for a poverty-free Canada. Consultations are currently taking place for the development of a Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy (CPRS). “Dignity for All is a multi-partner, non-partisan campaign co-organized by Citizens for Public Justice and Canada Without Poverty with a vision to create a poverty-free and more socially secure and cohesive Canada.” The campaign is requesting individuals and organizations to fill in an online form ( Over 700 submissions have been received, however with less than three weeks left in the consultations; CPJ would like to reach 1,000 submissions. CPJ recently posted a CPRS brief Flourishing Together: A Public Justice Approach to the Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy.  The federal government needs to hear a unified message that the CPRS needs to be strong and accountable, and respect the dignity of all people in Canada. Millions of people living in poverty are counting on this strategy to make a difference.

Human trafficking never takes a break. The annual conference of the Waterdown Stop Human Trafficking Committee shared that pornography sparks the giant wildfire of sex trafficking and fuels the demand for younger victims. “The message is clear, if prostitution is the main act, porn is the dress rehearsal” (Glendyne Gerrard). “Where our values are at stake, leadership must come from ordinary citizens like you” (Nicholas D. Kristof). More information can be found on the website

What can members do? They can continue writing to their local, provincial and federal politicians to stop human trafficking.

May Our Lady of Good Counsel continue to watch over us as we continue to work “For God and Canada”. Happy Canada Day 150!

Betty Colaneri

National Chairperson of Community Life