Communications Communique #3

National Chairperson of Communications Shari Guinta, January 30, 2017. Includes letter to Corus Entertainment re. Mary Kills People.

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A new series just started on Global Television Network entitled Mary Kills People. I watched the trailer before it aired for the first time and found it disturbing. The premise of the show is about a doctor and her assistant who practise euthanasia as a sideline business. The trailer and first show portrays her visiting the bedside of a man with her assistant as she puts a drug into a champagne glass from a syringe, fills the glass with champagne and gives it to the patient. He becomes emotional and looks at the picture of his wife on the bedside table. The doctor relates a childhood story to him and he drinks the champagne concoction. It shows him going to sleep, having his pulse checked by the assistant and then his wife comes home unexpectedly. The doctor and her assistant quickly gather everything and leave out the balcony door, but she returns when she realizes that they did not take the money that the patient had paid for the “service”. The man suddenly awakens and the doctor then smothers him with a pillow and makes a hasty retreat. This was cold, callous murder. So is that where Canadian television is now?  

There was an article in the Toronto Star about the series on January 24, 2017 by Bill Brioux. He explains the writer of the series, Tara Armstrong, is a young woman who “was always obsessed with death.” Miss Armstrong mentions that she named the main character Mary because “I wanted a biblical name,” then adding “that this may be considered irreverent”, but that was okay because she also wanted “there to be humour.”  

Members should watch the trailer or an episode of the series to see what I mean when euthanasia is dramatized, sensationalized and even glamorized by this show, not to mention what it suggests of the work ethics of health care professionals in Canada. Google Mary Kills People and then write to Global Television Network and voice your opinion about this series and suggest it be pulled. Those of us who have already contacted the network have received a standard reply and so I would encourage members to also contact the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council (CBSC) at [email protected]. The Catholic Women’s League of Canada has issued a press release regarding this which can be viewed on the national website 

Shari Guinta

Letter to Corus Entertainment from National President Margaret Ann Jacobs